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MetaStudios builds games and virtual experiences that deliver deeper engagement and , loyalty. The ROI: purpose-driven growth, enhanced connection with end users,  plus a whole lot of fun!
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With a focus on humanizing virtual experiences, we are committed to build immersive, innovative and inclusive solutions to engage, entertain and inspire your community.

Your business partner for next gen engagements.

Metaverse infrastructure, development and maintenance 
End-to-end game development, from art to monetization
Marketing, PR & community building with our global network
Venture funding available for brilliant founders
Custom marketplaces & wallets with white label options
Building expertise on Unity, Unreal and MetaEngine platforms
Branded product experiences via SDK and API integrations
Blockchain integrations with Etherum, Polygon, Avalanche and more

We have an impressive history of building the future.

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Worldclass talent from all over the world. 

Our growing team of 40+ are based across India, Singapore, Zurich, France and the US. 
Alex Shalash
12 years running and operating the only cloud-based game infrastructure at HeroEngine. Co-founder @UEVO (SmartCity Engine). Experienced IT consultant and fund manager, previously worked at Accenture, UBS, Julius Baer.
Antoine Castel
Former trader at Societe Generale and Lloyds Bank. Built and sold StreamQuest (streaming gamification platform), co-founder @UEVO (SmartCity engine) Experienced crypto advisor and investor.
Kapil Dhiman
10+ years of experience in Business and Consultancy, well known in the Industry to deliver innovative and effective solutions for clients across sectors. Ex Web3.0 leader at PwC, 4X founder, Author, and a Sociologist.
Ashok Balasub-ramanian
Chief of Staff
With 10+ years across leadership roles, Ashok is a transformative leader and a highly recognised Web3/metaverse strategist with deep expertise in immersive internet + actively engaged and built long-term Metaverse strategies for Top Brands in the world
Abdul Rasheed
Art Director
20+ years of experience as Visual Artist in Gaming, Publishing and Advertising. He has worked on various Comics (Virgin & Raj Comics) , Graphic Novel, Games (Multiplatform) - including games for Disney which has 10 Mn+ downloads.
Rajat Gupta
Production Lead
14+ years of experience in the mobile & computer games industry. He holds a MSc A.I for Computer Games degree from University of Bradford, UK. He has worked on multiple projects with revenues touching 50 million dollars & +1M active user base.
Tech Lead
10+ years of experience in Game Development. Worked on over 250 projects in Hyper Casual, Casual and PC games. Ex C.T.O., 2X founder and Comp. Sc. Professor.

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